REEB PARTNERS Public institutions and private centers in Spain, Latvia and Lithuania have joined forces to develop this innovative project.


The CIFP Los Gladiolos is a public center, where three shifts (morning, afternoon and evening) of Formative Cycles of the Professional Families of Health, Sociocultural and Community Services, Maintenance and Services to the Production and Safety and Environment are taught. Two teaching modalities coexist, face-to-face and blended learning.

The tasks to be carried out are: coordination of the project, control of the budget and compliance with the objectives, determination of needs and activities associated with tele-training, virtual or 3D printed environments, virtual teams and tutorials, pedagogical proposals and design of teaching-learning activities.

Calle de los Huaracheros, 5, 38007 Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 922 92 24 14


The University of La Laguna (ULL) is a center of higher Spanish studies with around 1,500 professors and more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. It offers 45 bachelor’s degrees, 30 official master’s degrees, 52 doctoral programs, and 25 of its own degrees. Among the degrees are several engineering degrees, in which Graphic Engineering is taught.

The tasks to be carried out by ULL are: design and animation of selected equipment, creation of virtual scenarios and 3D printing of these scenarios, and technical support in holographic tutorials.

Calle Molinos de agua S/N. San Cristóbal de La Laguna. 38071


Geoavance SL is a company specialized in the field of measurement and geomatics that offers its customers all the services necessary for the development of its activity: rental and sale, repair, courses and surveying services. It is specialized in 3D scanning and BIM (modeling, consulting and implementation).

The tasks that Geoavance will perform in the project will be: scanning and BIM modeling of professional environments, and support to ULL and Vidzeme in technical issues on BIM modeling.

Aviación Street 59. Local 12. Vilaser Building. 41007. Sevilla.


Osakidetza – Basque Health Service (hereinafter Osakidetza, is the Public Health Service of the Basque Country, a region located in northern Spain. All public hospitals and primary care centers in the Basque region are under this organization. The Basque Health Service includes 14 hospitals and more than 100 primary care clinics organized in 13 Integrated Health Organizations (OSI) across three different geographical areas (Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Araba), in addition to the Mental Health Networks (one for each geographical area mentioned), Emergencies, Basque Transfusion and Human Tissue Center, General Management and Osatek (national reference in diagnostic imaging). More than 30,000 professionals work for Osakidetza, and it could be considered the largest organization in the Basque Country.

Osakidetza will focus on: organization of tele-training, organization of Geoavance scans, elaboration of technical documents of the devices that will be brought to extended reality and elaboration of holographic tutorials.

Álava 45. Vitoria-Gasteiz. 01006.


Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences is a state higher education institution offering studies in the fields of technology, social sciences, biomedicine, humanities and arts. It is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Lithuania and in the whole Baltic region. Kauno Kolegija actively contributes to implementing regional development of educational policies as study programs are conducted not only in 4 faculties in Kaunas but also in 3 regions (Kedainiai, Druskininkai and Taurage). In total, it offers 56 study programs and approximately 7000 students are currently studying and 600 teachers are working there.

The Faculty of Medicine has a 100-year history. In 1920 it opened as a midwifery school and during the following years it became a medical school. In 2001 it became part of Kauno Kolegija. Today, the faculty has more than 1700 students integrated in 12 study programs implemented in 7 departments.

Kauno Kolegija will be responsible for the identification of needs and activities associated with tele-training, virtual or 3D printed environments, virtual equipment and tutorials, pedagogical proposals, design of teaching-learning activities and organization of the scans to be performed by Geoavance in the hospital associated with Kauno Kolegija.

PRAMONES PR 20. Kaunas. 50468.


Vidzemes Augstskolas Fonds (hereinafter Foundation) was established in 2009 with the aim of promoting excellence, innovation, knowledge transfer and competitiveness of higher education, science and research, lifelong learning and other areas of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, thus contributing to the development of Vidzeme and Latvia. Over the past years, the Foundation has successfully achieved its objectives in accordance with its regulations.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognized regional platform for higher education, science, knowledge transfer and thought leadership, offering a digital-age ecosystem for versatile options in acquiring professional higher education and conducting interdisciplinary research, giving a proactive response to societal challenges.

The tasks Vidzemes will be responsible for are: technical support to Kauno Kolegija in tele-training, design and animation of selected equipment, creation of virtual scenarios and 3D printing of those scenarios, and technical support in holographic tutorials.

CESU IELA 4. Valmiera. 4200.