Biomedical enviroments0

One of the products generated in this project are the 3D printed virtual biomedical professional scenarios. It aims to build virtual working environments in a faithful and fast way, using BIM technology, which can be visualized and interacted with on various platforms (mobile, tablet, PC…) or even printed in 3D.

The justification for the creation of this resource arises from the need generated by the lack of student knowledge (and often also of teachers) of the environments where their work is carried out, complex spaces and often with numerous pieces of technological equipment.

Here is an example of a scan performed in the microbiology laboratory of the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.




The design procedure will be as follows:

+ Educational needs analysis

CIFP Los Gladiolos and Kauno Kolegija.

+ Proposed scenarios and teaching and learning activities to be included in each scenario.

+ CIFP Los Gladiolos and Kauno Kolegija coordinated with Osakidetza, the hospital attached to Kauno Kolegija and Geoavance.

+ BIM scanning, design and modeling to be sent to the University of La Laguna and Vidzeme.

3.1. Scanning of work environments.

This geometric documentation project arises from the need to have an exact three-dimensional digital copy with a primary purpose, which is to have basic and objective information of the geomorphological elements and the necessary details to become the geometric basis on which to develop studies and actions.


3.2 Design of BIM models of the biomedical environments necessary for training.

The scope of this section is the creation, development and configuration of the BIM models of the biomedical rooms necessary for the theoretical and practical training of the students. The point cloud scans made by GEOAVANCE, S.L. are used as a modeling base, thus achieving the constructed reality of each environment object of this service. These BIM models will show the geometric fidelity, surfaces, materials and volumes of the selected real working environments, thus achieving a completely faithful replication of reality thanks to the SCAN-2-BIM work procedure (point cloud scanning and subsequent BIM modeling faithful to the captured reality).


3.3. BIM modeling of these environments.

Within the BIM models will be created, developed, configured and positioned the BIM objects that digitally represent the real biomedical devices, thus creating a complete space that is totally faithful to reality for use in theoretical and practical educational learning. The BIM objects that will be created will be all those necessary for the training of the students, following the guidelines of the educational centers and the guidelines of the manufacturer and/or distributor of the biomedical devices. All the biomedical devices included will be totally faithful to the geometric and alphanumeric level. The BIM objects will have a geometry faithful to reality and all the information, technical, commercial, use, maintenance, safety and all the necessary information for the theoretical-practical learning of continuous use by and for the students. The outcome is a complete digital model at a graphic and alphanumeric level prepared for its configuration in augmented reality, video tours, interactive tours and assemblies of didactic units in a totally virtual way. All the graphic and alphanumeric information will be previously approved by the distributor and/or manufacturer of the biomedical devices, thus avoiding information failures of any kind within the final BIM models.

+ Model creation

The models will be in REVIT/ Fusion360.

+ Export process.

The models and textures will be exported to Unity.

+ Interaction design.

+ Prototyping.

Applications (VR and PC) and 3D printing will be carried out, if deemed interesting.

+ Testing and error correction

+ Feedback

On behalf of the University of La Laguna and/or Vidzeme.

+ Creation of beta applications

+ Testing with students.

Students from Spain and Lithuania (Kaunas) will test the tool.

+ Final product

+ Evaluation and promotion